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PROJECT AFRICA: (Mission & Purpose)

1.  Street Children:

These are a combination of children, youth    and young adults who has broken relationships from their parents and family, and choose another life on the street. That is where they sleep, live their day to day lives, including shelter. (They normally become criminals and arm robbers). 

2.  Child Labour:

This is a poverty stricken situation that makes parents to use their children to sell petty items on the street, like biscutes, boiled eggs, candies, etc. etc.  They don't have the privilege to go to school, instead, use the school going hours for selling petty goods for the survival of their entire families, including them. 

3.  Harmful Traditional Practices:

Is an ancient believes that forces many into secret societies and cults, early marriages, and the practice of Female Genital Mutilations (female circumssision).

4. Urban and Rural Poor:

Situations of broken homes, relationship and marriages, that has led to poverty and single mothers noth being able to be self-responsible, self-reliable, self-governant and self-dependent. (Sex for money) to survive.

5.  Urban and Rural Evangelism:

Preaching and teaching of the gospel throughout the entire world. Raising leaders or leadership training in various areas and levels and making diciples for the Kingdom.(Matt 28:20).

6.  Mobile Medic Care:

Providing mobile medical services in all rural communities, especially to areas not accessible by vehicles, non-clinic zones and long distance medicare services.  Special attention for Pediatric Care (children) and Hospital visitations.

HIV/AIDS, STD's, Abortions and Teenage Pregnancy awareness.

Drug Abuse and Addictions

(Videos on all of these will be of a gratest added advantage) that could be used as a teaching material in school, ghettos (hood) and other vulveralbe communities). 

7.  School Support Programmes/Relief Services:

Establishment of educational academies and assistance and support programmes for existing underprivileged students and schools.



Bishop Clifford Petty and Bishop Cartwright are working dilegently in Eleuthera to bring souls to the Kingdom of God and strengthen the Body of Christ. The Bahamas Region of the National Church of God is expanding by the grace of God.

Mindanao, Philippines

Evidence of Faith Worldwide Ministries welcomes Pastor Eduardo Diso to our Fellowship family. This ministry is currently involved in 

1. Tribal Evangelism

2. Church Planting

3. Discipleship Training

4. Tribal Crisis Center: catering minor problems of poor indigent tribal family

5.Food and relief and dsitribution, specially to the native tribal people.

By doing these small things in the name of Christ, the people appreciate the goodness and Love of God that was demonstrate by his Church.


Pastor Ajay Kumar and the People of God are working on the following in India.

Our Projects: 
1.Gospel outreach 
2.Door to Door personal Evangelism
3.Youth Bible school and youth Retreat 
4.Children Ministry 
5.Youth Ministry 
6.Women Ministry 
7.We are running an orphan home with few children including the children of HIV people who have lost their parents.

 Continue to pray for the ministry there, and its growth.

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