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 Our humble leaders have been serving the Laurens community for 20 years, and they bring with them the ability to lead, to inspire and to care for all people. Our leaders provide Evidence of Faith Worldwide Ministry with the inspiration and direction to keep it going and growing.

Apostle Winston Sinkler



Bio:  Apostle Winston Sinkler is a man of God dedicated to the work of the Kingdom of God.  His life has been filled with personal testimonies of miracles, which confirms the healing/deliverance anointing that he walks in daily.  On October 4, 1988 Apostle Sinkler was shown a great vision by the spirit of God. In this vision the Lord let him know who he was and what he was being chosen to do. Over the next two years He was ministered to by several anointed vessels such as, Prophet Todd Hall, Prophetess Gayle Patterson, Bishop Kenneth Moales, Bishop Ronald E. Brown. In August of 1991 Mother Estella Boyd of Detroit, Michigan imparted to Apostle Sinkler and said to him, “You are a gift to the Body of Christ”.  These are the same words that he heard in the vision he had in 1988. The confirmation of him being called out and chosen came from Bishop Ronald E. Brown, at which time he told him it was time to do the great work that God had given him to do.

He established the Evidence of Faith Christ Community Church in Laurens, South Carolina.  This ministry has produced many ministries to further the Kingdom. These programs include, but are not limited to: Dr. Zimmerman Scholarship Fund, Evidence of Faith Christian Academy, The Christ Scouts(equivalent to boys/girls scouts, Second Chance( for those returning to the community after incarceration), The School of Biblical Wisdom, Evidence of Faith Power Fellowship Crusades, and M&M/FNW Production Company. The vision continues to expand, and will include many other businesses and programs that will bless not only the Body of Christ, but also the community.

In January of 2010 the Lord called the Apostle out yet again. This time he was told to go forth and repair the breach, restore the people, and defy the ungodly works in the house of The Lord. For God said, “I hate every false way”. Currently Apostle Sinkler is reaching out to do the work God told him to do. He is diligently seeking to unite and bless the Body of Christ by the Spirit of the Living God, from City to City and State to State as the spirit of the Lord leads. The hour of change to meet the challenges has come and Apostle Sinkler is one of the vessels chosen for this hour. In 2012 the name was changed to Evidence of Faith Worldwide Ministry to reflect the span of the work.

In September 1991 he married Evangelist Juliet Sinkler and they are the proud parents of three sons; Michael, Josiah, and Isaiah.

Evangelist Juliet Sinkler



Bio: Evangelist Juliet Sinkler is an ordained minister of the gospel, who has been preaching and teaching since 2001. This powerful vessel of God presently serves the body of Christ, through the Evidence of Faith Worldwide Ministry, as she ministers along side her husband, Apostle Winston Sinkler. Evangelist Sinkler is known for being an anointed singer, and powerful prayer warrior. The gifts of the spirit flow freely through her life and ministry. Her goal is to minister to people in a way that will change their lives for the better.  

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